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www.winejobsonline.com is a New Zealand-based service. It provides job listings, jobseeker and networking advertisements, employment information and resources listings to wine industry people.

We will not knowingly publish inaccurate or false information about any person or company.

All jobseekers and companies must represent their true identity and details accurately.

You are permitted to post only genuine and legitimate job vacancies and jobseeker/networking advertisements, appropriate to the wine industry, as assessed by us, and by submitting an advertisement for listing on this site agree that you are authorised to place the ad and incur the cost to be paid by the company or person you represent within our time requirements and terms of trade. If you pay for the ad by credit card, no refund will be given so choose your selections carefully.

Once an ad is listed, as you have instructed us, it will be charged for. It will usually be listed within 24 hours, often sooner.  If you ask us to take it off early, the full charge will still be made; job ads may not be suspended and reactivated. Refunds will not usually be given unless an error has been made by us.  Fees are quoted in New Zealand dollars.

If you have chosen to pay by credit card, in most cases your ad will not be listed until the card has been processed. If we have agreed to invoice you, it will be due for payment 7 days after you receive it. If not, we reserve the right to de-list your ad early and still expect payment.

If you are a jobseeker, you are responsible for paying the administration service fee which will be by charge to your nominated credit card. Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances once your ad is listed.

We reserve the right to adjust any advertisement in terms of inappropriate content, spelling, language etc. We also do not guarantee to place every advertisement received and if you post an inappropriate (in our view) advertisement we are not obliged to offer a refund.  You should only post your details if you are genuinely looking for a career in the New Zealand wine industry and have the right to work in New Zealand. No timewasters please.

This service does not guarantee employment but merely acts as a referral service between employers with opportunities and jobseekers.

We will usually not be directly involved in any dealings you may have with other users or advertisers unless you specifically request us to be by way of a confidential listing. We therefore will not accept liability or responsibility of any kind or any nature for any dispute, disappointment, claim, demand, damages, or any other matter relating to or arising from any contact, relationship or employment introduced via this site. You should make your own enquiries if you are unsure about accepting any offer, contract or services from any advertiser or respondent via this site.

Any additional time or expertise that we spend on your job, other than adding a listing for you, may be charged for at the rate of our current consultancy fees. We will usually charge an additional fee if you wish to alter your advertisement in any way after it has been listed. Re-listing for additional periods will also incur extra costs.

When listing a job advertisement, occasionally our assistance may be required for some reason in which case we will usually charge a listing admin fee. In this case, the listing terms and conditions as outlined on the relevant website page will still apply, in particular to charges for various listing options.  Sending a job listing by email directly to us still requires you to agree to pay all charges as outlined for the service/listing you are requesting.

By advertising, registering, or signing up via our website, you agree that we may contact you from time to time in the future to inform you of added services or to send you employment, jobs, or industry information.

Any information you give us or we collect about you will remain confidential to us and will not be shared with anyone at any time for any reason. Occasionally we will agree to send to you some information on behalf of a 3rd party.

winejobsonline.com does not warrant to any user that the Services provided through its website will be uninterrupted, secure or error-free or that things will not go awry during the listings, application or data submission process, or that any content or information provided is reliable or error-free. Files available for uploading or downloading via the website or delivered via electronic mail can not be guaranteed to be free of infection, worms, viruses, Trojan horses or other contaminations and we take no responsibility for any such infections or corruptions of data. You should ensure that you have in place your own backups and other methods to recover any lost or corrupted data.

winejobsonline.com does not guarantee that every application submitted via its online application process will be received by the advertiser. Applications are transmitted via third parties (electronic mail providers) and as things beyond our control and with those systems can go wrong, not all applications may be received. If you are concerned, you should make your own enquiries to the advertiser.

While winejobsonline.com takes considered and personal steps to ensure that listings advertised are real, it can give no guarantee that they are in fact legitimate.

winejobsonline gives no guarantee of the availability of any particular job advertised and will not be liable to anyone should an advertiser have filled the vacancy or removed it. Jobs advertised and then removed may appear in search engines for a job.

While winejobsonline.com takes due care in ensuring the privacy and integrity of the information provided in the use of this site, the possibility does exist that this information could be unlawfully observed by a third party while being transmitted over the Internet or while stored on our systems or website. To the greatest extent possible by law, winejobsonline.com take no responsibility of any kind for any reason, and disclaim all liability to any person should this happen at any time.


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