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CURRENTLY BEING UPDATED:  International wine writers

 or to access List of New Zealand wine distributors and their agencies. 

Puzzles/ Games

NZ Herald CrosswordsUK Mirror CrosswordsNZ Herald SudokuNZ Herald Virtual Fantasy SportVirtual RugbyColouring in pages (for kids!) Do them online or print them out and fill them in with a pen (probably ok for the work lunch room... ;o)



NZ Herald Crosswords - code cracker and word search also available.

UK Mirror Crosswords - classic | quick | cryptic available.

NZ Herald Sudoku - entertainment.

NZ Herald Virtual Fantasy Sport - fantasy and tipping games are all about taking a punt against your mates, colleagues and other sports fans. 

Virtual Rugby - for each game, you’ll earn 5 points for correctly predicting the winning team and an extra 3 points if you get the right margin range too. Predicting a draw is worth 20 points.

Colouring in pages (for kids!) - colouring and artistic activities.

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