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Joining forces, learn from each other and have fun -  16 international wine experts in Franconia

Vintage team members from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the United States meet the Franconian wine harvest 2015


I was looking for professional support staff for the Reading 2015 and here in the area found no one," says Sieghard Vaja, winemaker Divino Nordheim eG Thüngersheim. The South Tyrolean himself plenty of international experience and that has motivated him to look at an international online platform for professional support for reading 2015th On "" Although mediated mainly jobs in the New Zealand wine scene, but it also goes the other way around. That same night, after Vaja had placed his ad online, about 28 qualified candidates from across the world reported back to him. After three weeks, the winemaker from 108 candidates could choose the best for him and the partner enterprises colleagues for the harvest 2015th The interviews were conducted via Skype. The Winzergemeinschaft francs in Repperndorf and the winery Helmut Christ from Nordheim look forward to strong support by the "flying winemakers" with an international background. The "Divino Vintage Crew", as she calls Vaja in its closed Facebook group, consisting of 16 young wine professionals who want to be a practical stage with German wine on your resume. Their motivation is to get to know typical German varietals to experience the "cool climate" in this region live or expertly deal with the issue of enrichment and alcohol management upwards. Seven of them are in DIVINO, another seven in the GWF and two in Weingut Christ cooperate in reading, reception of grapes and the activities in the basement. On September 1, we go and guests stay until the end of November in Swiss francs.

Being open and learn from each other

"We dress a in this way not only with young professionals, but are experiencing a lot of inspiration on both sides," says Vaja is safe. The volunteers 25-30 years almost all studies in viticulture and Technology with bachelor's degree in your pocket or are newcomers with a lot of practical experience. Vaja sees the project as a long term image-building measure for Franks: These young people will get to know very well over the three months staying the Franconian wine-growing and understand what the Franconian wine has to offer. "If they are then climbed up the career ladder, this time will not be quite sure in francs for them without consequences. Who knows what cooperation it still arise. That is in any case a great advertisement for CHF, "says Vaja. In preparation he has the young gentlemen sent all sorts of material about the German wine-growing areas, the quality pyramid and viticulture in Germany in general. Conversely, the guests were invited to bring each 1-2 bottles of wine from their land, which you will taste together on the Welcome Party at the winery Christ. As a further part of the Framework Programme is a first official visit to the State Institute for Viticulture and Horticulture in Veitshöchheim on the program. This day all round off each other on the Old Main Bridge in the typical "pint bridge" bistro main wine of the winery Community franc. Good conditions for an interesting and inspiring collaboration across four continents and a hopefully good reading 2015th

Picture: Dr. Hermann Kolesch, President of LWG, welcomes the international interns at the wine bar in the redesigned cellar of the LWG 



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