Nicola Clark, Marketing Manager, Spy Valley Wines, Marlborough


First real (full time) job (outside of school/uni holidays)
Office Administrator at  Hans Herzog Estate


Career Highlight
Lots of small wins, when working doesn’t feel like working – your winning
Cat? Dog?
Dog, Chocolate Lab, Winnie (the Poo)
Desert island wine and food.
Traditional Methode (from Marlborough) and seafood – Crayfish, scallops, fish
Grandfather – John Clark worked for Montana Wines from the late 70’s to the mid 90’s. Pioneer at Riverlands Winery and Church Road and was always very proud of the New Zealand Wine Industry and where/what it could achieve. 
Dinner table companions, dead or alive
Will Farrell, Mark Walburg, Hugh Jackman, Jack Johnson and Marylyn Munro 
Greatest achievement
Buying my first house – achieving the New Zealand dream!
New Zealand wine industry needs…
More outrageousness, shout it out, tell everyone about how outstanding we are. 
If you weren’t working in the wine industry, what would you be doing?
A professional surfer in Hawaii. Step 1: Visit Hawaii, Step 2: Learn to Surf
One thing about you people might be surprised to learn?
I worked for a winery in the UK?
If you had the day off tomorrow what would you like to do?

Go down the Marlborough Sounds and take in the calm, peacefulness and hopefully some fish. 

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