Jacqueline Clarke, On-Premise Sales Manager at Tickety-Boo Liquor, Auckland


Born, Bred, Schooled 
Christchurch! Linwood High School, University of Canterbury (BA, Art History & Classics).
First wine industry job 
Distinguished Vineyards, part of Lion Nathan back in the days when New Zealand Wines and Spirits still existed. It was a brilliant time, passionate people doing a fantastic job of proving to the trade that Lion was serious about good wine. Unfortunately it didn't last.....
First real (full time) job (outside of school/uni holidays)
Straight from the Believe It Or Not Files, I was a Library Assistant for the Canterbury Public Library for three years after finishing University. I can still reel off the PA closing announcement by heart. Funnily enough after two years they started telling me I'd be better off getting into sales and marketing - possibly because my greatest achievement while there was to run successful events for the Library Staff Entertainment Committee. Faced with the prospect of having to decide between committing to Library School to further my career, or getting the hell out of Shelving-Dodge, I sensibly chose the latter. And the rest, as they say, is history.
Career Highlight 
Securing my current role with Tickety-Boo Liquor approximately 3 hours after being made redundant from the previous one. It's a great day when you think your world is falling apart only to be called and invited to drink wine and seal the deal on what is undoubtedly the finest role of my life so far.
My current boss Kevin Rowe, the owner of Tickety-Boo Liquor. Kevin is Hospitality personified. He has a fun, can-do attitude, always leads from the front, and owns a very successful business as a direct result of this. He also totally gets and appreciates me, which is not only refreshing, but also essential to my current state of absolute satisfaction with my life. (the convertible may help...)
Cat? Dog? 
A small cat called Claude Debussy-cat. Shy with everyone except me. Insists on only eating kitten food even though he is 18 months old. Loves to chase cotton buds around the bath. Odd.
Desert island wine and food 
Ceviche, well-crafted Italian,  Monsoon Poon's Thai Yellow Chicken Curry, Champagne, Riesling, Chardonnay, Sipsmith Dry Gin with Sipsmith Sloe Gin, Tonic & Lime, KAH Blanco Palomas, El Dorado 12 Year Old Fashioneds.
Dinner table companions, dead or alive 
Dorothy Parker, Oscar Wilde, William Shakespeare, Kevin & Sara Rowe, Stephen Morris (Avida, Wellington), Andrew Parkinson (Negociants NZ), Judith Tabron, Yvonne Lorkin, Don Kavanagh, an ever-changing line-up of my amazing customers and fellow 'rep-robates' who crack me up and entertain me daily.
Greatest achievement 
Winning the Lewisham Foundation Outstanding Sales Representative of the Year Twice! Clearly they're not sick of the fat old boozehag yet...
New Zealand wine industry needs... 
More smaller, passionate, professional distributors/sales representatives who actually care.
If you weren't working in the wine industry in your current position, what would you be doing? 
Travelling around in a convertible/plane stopping in to visit a bunch of amazing, fun, passionate people and sharing fabulous, high-quality products with them. Oh wait, that's right, I am....
Sense of humour, integrity, passion.
*cough* overindulgence in all things food and alcohol.
One thing people might be surprised to learn about you? 
I think the library thing can still raise the odd eyebrow. 

If you had the day off tomorrow what would you like to do 

Lie around and read a book, get a bunch of good sorts together and head to Soul for a fabulous long lunch in the sun.


T:       021 808 865
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