Paul Mason, Winemaker, Martinborough Vineyard, South Wairapara

Born, Bred, Schooled
Born and Bred in Auckland, schooled at Sunnynook Primary (arguably the best primary school on the North Shore or least it was then)
First wine industry job
Selling wines at Robbie Burns Glenfield whilst at Uni. Not a noted wine shop but great boss who got be inspired to get into the winemaking side of the industry.
First real (full time) job (outside of school/uni holidays)
Cellarhand at de Redcliffe in the famous winegrowing region of the Waikato
Career Highlight
Becoming winemaker at Martinborough Vineyard.
So many, every winemaker I have ever worked with has taught me something but outside of wine - my Granddad.
Cat? Dog?
Prefer beef but will eat anything
Desert island wine and food.
Really good Pinot Noir and foie gras. Would die fat, happy and alone
Dinner table companions, dead or alive
Muhammed Ali (in his prime), Adele, Ricky Gervais and my wife
Greatest achievement
Waking up each day plus having two awesome kids and marrying my beautiful wife Amy
New Zealand wine industry needs...
To back itself and its great wines.
If you weren't working in the wine industry in your current position, what would you be doing?
Professional Aussie Rules player or at least in my dreams
Ask others
Cashew nuts
One thing people might be surprised to learn about you?
Represented NZ in Aussie Rules Football. There were only 19 of us playing in NZ at the time so made selection a bit easier.
If you had the day off tomorrow what would you like to do.
Round of golf in morning, swim/ lie on golden sand beach somewhere warm in afternoon followed by a cocktail bender in Wellington for the evening
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