Terra Sancta Vineyard & Farm Assistant Manager

Bannockburn, Central Otago

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Company: Terra Sancta


Uploaded: 06 September 2019

Closes: 27 September 2019

Terra Sancta runs a regenerative organic farming system across our four Bannockburn vineyards including an innovative no-till farming programme involving beneficial plantings, cover crops, companion planting, the use of animals, and an active composting and compost tea program. As Terra Sancta’s Vineyard & Farm Assistant Manager you will be working as part of our dedicated team, taking a hands-on role in the delivery and management of our work programme across our vineyards and farm.

Your role will include:

Vineyard, Farm & General Environment: 

  • Operation of vineyard equipment, including and related to canopy management, spraying and mowing.
  • Maintenance and issue identification related to irrigation and trellis.
  • Working with our Organic Farmer to ensure healthy and productive management of our animals.
  • Maintaining vineyard facilities and machinery to a high standard.

Management & Supervision: 

  • Managing and supervising permanent, seasonal and part-time workers to achieve productive outcomes on time and on budget.
  • Working with the Vineyard Manager to maintain accurate records including related to organic conversion.
  • Working with Vineyard Management to plan for and allocate resources and day-to-day responsibilities across farm and vineyards to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Working with the Vineyard Manager to schedule and work on special projects (fence repair, landscaping, erosion control/maintenance etc).
  • Leading by example and enforcing health, safety and PPE requirements and standards. 

Qualifications, Skills & Experience:

  • BS in Viticulture, Horticulture or equivalent experience.
  • Strong computer skills, including experience with spreadsheets.
  • Thorough understanding of vineyard farming practices and growing cycles.
  • Highly-organised and detail-oriented - ability to prioritise tasks and assign work to meet productivity and time requirements. 
  • Decision making and leadership - ability to make sound decisions and enforce company rules, policies and safety practices.
  • Supervision - experience successfully supervising teams of 15+ in a farm environment.
  • Proactive communicator - communicate in a timely manner all concerns regarding work progress, work quality, order of tasks, and employee safety.
  • Effective communicator - communicate directions and ideas in a clear, respectful manner.
  • Interpersonal skills - ability to develop and maintain effective work relationships both within Terra Sancta and with external parties, including vendors/contractors. 

Other Requirements:

  • Physically capable - ability to lift and carry 20+kg as required and work in the extremes of the Central Otago climate throughout the year.
  • Qualified to drive motor vehicles, light trucks, and tractors.
  • Some early mornings and/or weekend work will be required at certain times.


  • Reports to the Terra Sancta Vineyard Manager

To apply (or for confidential enquiries) please send your CV along with your cover letter to farm@terrasancta.co.nz and mark@terrasancta.co.nz by 27 September 2019.


Only people eligible to work in this country should apply for this position. Please provide evidence of your work visa or citizenship.

  • For information about the Central Otago wine Region, click here.

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