Testimonials - thanks for the thanks!!!



"We have found someone who fits perfectly – thanks, you guys provide great service. Shelley WettonQuality Systems Manager Vinlink Marlborough Ltd"

Seresin Estate Limited

" "

Marius Kennedy Marlborough Vineyard Operations Manager

"We are you happy with the response and calibre of applicants. We got a great response."

Andrew Bailey
 Managing Director
 Misty Cove Wine Group Ltd Marlborough, New Zealand

"All in all, a good process and we are satisfied with the outcome."

Hamish - Waimea Estates.

"Thanks for your help with sourcing candidates this year. Kind regards, Hamish  "

Chris Antsee - Swinney Vineyards, Australia

"Thank you - we have had a couple of excellent applications either via, or ‘triggered‘ by your website. Many thanks, Chris. "

Greg Small - Zeffer Cider Co.

"We have filled this position now. We received a really good group of applicants and happy with our successful applicant."

Andrew Bailey
 Managing Director
Misty Cove Wine Group Ltd

"Thank you - the role has now been filled. We received several applicants and are extremely happy with the person who we have accepted. Thanks again. - Andrew "

Nick Entwistle Winery Operations Manager

"We are having a great response to our advertisement.The quality of candidates has been great, so I’m keen to start interviews. - Nick"


"Thank you! We have received sufficient applicants so we would like to remove this advertisement for the time being. - Lauren"

Duncan McTavish, Senior Winemaker Man O’ War Vineyards LTD

"We are in the final round of interviews of a few really good candidates - so thank you, job done! - Duncan "

Mikela Dennison - te Pa Family Vineyards

"Fantastic! Thank you, Elke. A really great response – I think we must have had close to 20 applications if not more! - Mikela."

Happy client

"That’s fantastic! Thanks so much for all your help. Rebecca Hoppe "

Ian Hunter - Marisco Vineyards Ltd

"We are very happy with the responses we received and appreciate the service provided.Thanks again."

Rebecca Jones

"Your site has been excellent for the two roles we advertised.Many thanks,Rebecca"

Mikela Dennison - Te Pa Family Vineyards

"We’ve had better responses and results from our listing with Wine Jobs Online than any other medium, and I have found your communication to be really timely and useful, so please pass on my thanks to your team. Ngā mihi, Mikela."

Mark Langlands - Winner Young Viticulturist Wairarapa 2016

"As winner of the Young Viticulturist of the Year competition down here in Wairarapa yesterday, I would just like to email you and thank you for our support of the competition down here with the sponsorship you provide for us contestants. Thank you very much for the Spiegelau wine glasses, they are very much appreciated and they will definitely be enjoyed and put to good use down here in Martinborough.  Once again, thank you for your continued support for all the Young Viticulturist of the Year competitions all around the country.  "

Annabel Bulk - Central Otago Young Viticulturist 2016 contestant

"A huge thank you for the great prize you guys at winejobsonline gave. I had a fun day and it is always so nice to get the glasses at the prize giving. I have been after some stemless wine glasses for a while so that was an added bonus too.  Thanks again so much."

Mohit Sharma - Assistant Vineyard Manager Man O' War Vineyard & Young Viticulturist 2016 Auckland contestant

"I was one of the contestants in the Auckland Regional Young Viticulturist competition and came 3rd. I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful wine glasses. Great day and a great event to be a part of. Thank you again."

Ben Mcnab Jones - Young Viticulturist Wairarapa 2016 contestant

"As a first time competitor in the young vit competition I was nervous and unassuming of the outcome, however I managed to keep up with the others and place 2nd equal.  I wanted to write and express my appreciation for your sponsorship and support throughout the day. The competition is valuable to competitors in many ways. Winning would be a bonus but I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, a bunch of new friends and exposed myself in our wonderful industry. To me that is winning.  So thank you for your help in bringing it all together, I appreciate your company and the wonderful service you provide, keeping us employed and up-to-date with events. Your company supports the growth of individuals and the industry as a whole, I hope I can help people in the future like you do.  As one of the people you have helped, I sincerely thank you. ps. I will get great use out of the brilliant glasses. "

Sieghard Vaja

"You did excellent work with your effort to create a so awesome service platform. I've been interviewed, and I had honestly to say, who gave me this important help."

Man O' War Vineyards

"I’ve been overwhelmed by the volume and quality of the applicants so thanks again for your amazing service."

Sieghard Vaja - Divino Wein

"Our success in recruiting remarkable people has rumored through the wineries here. So I spread out the word about your excellent service."


"winejobsonline is a great website to start the search. I ‘m visiting winejobsonline almost every day to find the latest postings. It’s a great site to connect seekers and advertisers. "

International Jobseeker, Kostas

"I personally believe that winejobsonline is, if not the best, one of the 3 best job seeking wine industry sites in the whole globe. Keep up the good work and be sure that I will be winejobsonline's ambassador again!"

Sieghard Vaja, Chief Winemaker, Divino Nordheim Thungersheim EG

"We closed now our ad after nearly one month reaching over one hundred application so far. Quite all of them are highly profiled professionals. So now I’ve got to choose my dream team… Many thanks for your help and friendly doing."

Alpha Domus (2 weeks listing, 27 applications)

"Amazing response as usual and we’ve found the one we wanted."

Ozor, jobseeker

"This is my first time on your site - I have bookmarked already....it's loaded with informative news and details. Keep up the good work!"

Fujisan winery, Japan

"It worked really well! Very happy!"

Wairau River

"We have filled the position. Very impressed with the number of applications we received."

Renee, jobseeker

"Your website has been amazing for me!"


"We had a great response and the successful applicant found the ad through your website service. Thanks again for your help with this and we look forward to using you again for future appointments."

Marlborough winery

"...some great candidates from your site."

Constellation NZ (using new job-listing process)

"Site great to use."

Haines (using new system)

"....it was very easy to post the job"


"We received many applications and I have completed my vacancies for now. We have renewed 5 wine specialist positions - thank you very much for your help, your website is always very efficient."

Lisa, testing new job listing format March 2012

"I found this whole process very easy.  All steps are very logical and not at any point did I get confused about what to tick or what information needed to go where.  I think it is great, you have thought of everything. Easy, logical, quick, it ticks all the boxes."

Raewyn, listing a job using the new format March 2012

"I found it (the new form) very user friendly and the ad looks great. "

Raymond Chan, Wine Reviewer

"I'm enjoying using the resources you provide on your website. Keep up the good work."

Antipodes Water Company

"We have had a great response to the ad - very high caliber of applicants."

Man o` War Vineyard

"We have had a huge response and have filled all the positions with a very high standard of workers."

Saint Clair

"Thank you very much, the placement has been of benefit to us."

Rebecca, Constellation

"WOW - I've just had an email already - a very worthy candidate in the first 20 minutes - I'm seriously impressed - thank you!!!"

Helen Frith

"Congratulations and well done. You provide an amazing cohesive job for all of us in NZ and the rest of the wine world. Keep it up - we need this wonderful service, and very much appreciate you both. "


"Love the website, it's great for the industry."

Burn Cottage Vineyard

"Your wonderful website has overwhelmed us again. We have had the best response from our advert with you."

Charlotte from USA

"I'll be working with the Wine-Searcher.com within a few months! NZ here I come! Thank you very much! Your website has been very useful to me. "

Rachael (hours after placing advertisement)

"I have people applying already! Thanks winejobsonline!"

RAP Consulting

"The ad worked very well we got lots of applications - thank you for all your help... It's been great."

Virgil Kerr, 4 Mondays Contract Winemakers

"Thank you for your prompt attention to my advertisment. I appreciate your professionalism and I have already had a response."

Paul Bourgeois, Chief Winemaker, Spy Valley Wines

"You have made it (new winejobsonline.com website, February 2011) a one stop shop for information, it is a great resource for the industry, and has certainly been very successful in attracting the right applicants for our previous employment advertisements. Well done!"


"Really like the modern look (of the new site, February 2011) - nice clean pages too!"

Chris Leonard

"Thank you for providing people across the world access to the New Zealand wine industry. Your site helped me fulfill a small dream, to make wine in NZ. I truly appreciate what you have done with this service; it has given me much joy to have had the opportunity to work in NZ."

Saint Clair Estate

"We have had a great response and have filled all positions. Thanks a lot for a great service."

Man o`War Vineyard

"Once again we have been inundated with resumes for harvest here from all over the world. We picked our top four candidates and they have all signed up which is great."

Sarah Mac, Jobseeker

"I really appreciate the work you are doing with this website, its very helpful and informative. It takes a lot of guess work out of job hunting and showcases the best of the New Zealand wine companies positions available."

Tim, Endeavour, Australia

"We had 9 applications on the first day....obviously your website is well frequented by winemakers looking for jobs."

Cyriaque Lajoinie

"Great website and so helpful so far!"

Allan McWilliams, Rock Ferry Wines

"Thanks for the help. We have had a great response and appointed 2 vintage workers."

Wither Hills

"At this stage we do not need to renew the listing it has been very effective."

Ager Sectus

"winejobsonline this year has been stellar - in fact almost too good as the response has almost collapsed our email server.  (oops, sorry, hope it wasn't just your ad with us). We are now all organised so thanks again for your help."

NZ wine company

"The crew is just about finalised so I think we will be fine to let the ad run out. Great response again from it. Heaps from the US this year."

Alison Harvey

"I first heard about your website over the summer, here in Walla Walla. When I decided to make the jump abroad, you were my first stop. It's great to have a website specifically dedicated to New Zealand wine jobs. Fingers crossed!"

Susan Lummis

"Thank you for all your hard work and effort on things,it is great to deal with people who not only know their work well, but the industry as well."

Melissa Sutherland, Viticulturist, Jason Tripe Contracting, Marlborough

"We have found your expertise and knowledge regarding health and safety requirements and employee contracts extremely valuable. You have given us some excellent advice and your approach is great. They really do care about our business and have been very supportive of what we are trying to achieve. "

Ron Sutherland - Mt. Beautiful

"We had a great response thanks to winejobsonline. Thank you so much for your help. Appreciate what you guys do."


"I have been using winejobsonline for quite a while now & it has been very beneficial to me. I really appreciate you guys trying to keep up with the jobs in the industry."

McKean Estates

"We've already got 4 applications, a couple of them looking very promising. Your website is working wonders as usual! Always a pleasure doing business with you!"

Anna Flowerday, Te Whare Ra Wines

"As the winemakers, and owners of a small winery business we have a lot on our plate already doing what we do.We are also expected to be employment law experts, taxation experts and everything else in between.WJOL helped us with our OHS plan and employment contracts and took a big weight off our shoulders. We can't recommend them highly enough."


"Your job listings are very well presented and your website is easy to navigate and job search on. I have started getting feedback from applications, which is good."

Heather Bertrand - Jobseeker

"Thank you very much for your help and for your website (very helpful for finding out a job)"

Rob Knight, GisVin

"I have secured a top person for the supervisor job thanks to winejobsonline.com. "

Large Marlborough wine producer

"....the winejobsonline harvest application forms are great! All the information you need... nothing you don't. Could we please include that in our job ad."

Marlborough Winery within half an hour of listing job ad

"I just got an application through for vintage cellar staff....wow the internet is fast! "

Central Otago Winery

"The position of Cellar Door Manager has been filled. We had a great response, thank you."

NZ wine company

"We have had a good response to our add on your website and it looks that we are on track with hiring our preferred candidate."

Marlborough Vineyard Owner

"I have had a great response to the advert... The quality has been so good that I would like to remove the advert at your earliest convenience. I have 5 strong candidates and begin interviewing tomorrow."

Alan McCorkindale, Consultant Winemaker

"(My client) has selected an applicant. Thanks. Your site works! We received applicatons from all over NZ and the world."

Happy Jobseeker

"I have now found employment. Yours is a very helpful site and thank you."

Mud House Winery

"We have filled the position and had a great response to the ad. "

Recruitment Agency Consultant

"We have now found a great candidate for the Customer Service role. Thanks for your help and yes the successful applicant did apply via winejobsonline!!"


"I am grateful for all your work, advice input and feedback."

Rob Martyn

"I think your web site is great - the best I have found for good information about the NZ wine Industry."

Karen - job applicant

"Thanks so much for your manners and consideration in notifying me of my unsuccessfulness in seeking a position. You are the first representative I have encountered in my recent job search to have this decency and I commend you."


"You posted my advert on your website regarding jobs wanted. I have now got a job through someone contacting me direct as a result of the advert. So thanks very much and hope to use your website again in the future. "

Clos Henri

"As always we have had a very good response with having our vacancy on your site. Thanks for such a great medium. "

Mitch, Lambert Bridge winery, USA

"I have plenty of applicants. Please discontinue the ad. Thanks again for the use of your services. It has made my life much easier in terms of recruiting interns."

Rockburn Winery (day after placing ad)

"I have already had a few enquiries and two specifically who saw your posting, so we are off to a good start. "

Nicky Grandorge

"I have actually had a couple of calls from wineries, following on from my little advert on your site, so am really pleased with the response. You must also be pleased to see how well it is working. I've always recommended WineJobsonline to friends in the trade (in NZ and internationally) for the events diary, etc, and they've also thought it a great site. So, thank you. "

Large Marlborough winery

"We now have enough applications. The response has been great from your site yet again!"

Allan Johnson, Palliser Estate

"I am impressed by the quality of the information you provide to the wine industry."

Jeff Hogg

"I found a job through Delegats with another three to four offers to choose from. Great service, thank you so much!"

Canadian Winery

"We have completed our team for next harvest. We will use your service again next year."

NZ Wine Co

"Could you pull the vintage 09 advert please. An amazing response."

Clive Dougall, Seresin Estate

"We have filled that role thanks to your site once again."

Bob, Canadian Winemaker

"We have had a great response to our ad. We have more than enough candidates to work with. Thanks for your help. "

Ben, USA

"Your site was a great find for me."

Judy Finn, Neudorf Vineyard

"Just yesterday I was saying what a great job you two do for the wine industry and how winejobsonline has become THE place to look for staff and jobs. We have appointed a brilliant viticulturalist thanks to your site. "

Large Marlborough Winery

"The responses to our vintage advert (placed last week) came in thick and fast and we're sorted now! "

An employee

"...keep up the good work, not sure how you do it, but I love it!"

Ager Sectus

"We have filled the vintage cellarhand position we advertised on your website.... Your site certainly seems to be widely visited , CVs from all around the world. "

Houghton Winery, West Australia

"I thank you for your assistance with our successful vintage recruitment for 2009 and look forward to working with you again. Your website is a very efficient & effective tool in our recruitment process."

Kaimira Ventures, Nelson

"I’ve had a fantastic response to my ad with dozens of suitably qualified applicants of a high calibre, and have now completed my team for the coming vintage. I really do think your site is invaluable – I’ve had interesting applicants from all over the world, from Sweden to Sydney. Keep up the good work! "

Hawkes Bay Winegrowers (talking about the Trade Diary)

"Yours is actually the easiest online (events) listing site to use."

Man o' War Vineyard

"We have had an amazing response (to our harvest ad) particularly from North America."

Mike Insley, Pernod Ricard

"I've already distributed the latest Employment newsletter to others in our company. It's a great, concise and very readable synopsis of topical information that all wine industry employers need to keep up with. "

Albie Dommerholt, ConstellationNZ

"Congrats on the continued development of your site and business - we find it a very useful tool and you seem to be going from strength to strength."


"You have a wonderful site, great resources."

Dave Pearce - NZ Wine Co

"Just to let you guys know I received some excellent applicants from the ad. Much appreciated. "

Fosters Group (Matua Valley Vineyards)

"We have has some fantastic applicants and would like to close this ad off now. Thanks! "


"I have been negotiating a contract with XXXXwinery that contacted me from the ad that I had on winejobsonline. I have also had a couple of interviews from other jobs that have been advertised on winejobs. It is so good for the industry to have this site. Keep up the good work."

Nelson WineArt

"I LOVE your website – incredibly simple to use. And the feature that allows you to add events straight into your outlook calendar is fantastic. "

Nick Schiller

"Thanks and congratulations on your job site, it is without a doubt the best one in the industry."

No 1 Family Estate

"The Wine Competitions Guide is fantastic and so helpful - well done."

Bob Campbell, MW

"A very useful facility (trade diary) and thanks for adding my wine diploma course in Wellington. I'll add a few more courses."


"The new trade diary's great – super easy! "

Yvonne Lorkin, wine writer and marketing consultant

"I've been using the winejobsonline resources for over 4 years now and the trade diary is a huge help to me when it comes to organising my work in advance for both media and marketing aspects. It cuts through the clutter and gets straight to what's relevant to this industry. If you're in the wine business, no matter what the capacity, I think you'll gain something from this great resource."

Dr Glen Creasy, Lincoln University & NZ Society for Viticulture and Oenology

"Winejobsonline has been taken up very well by the industry as well as our grads, so it's turning into a focal point for people. With the wine industry growing, it's getting harder to know about everything that's going on, and the traditional "grapevine" has had trouble keeping up! I appreciate having a one-stop-shop for events relevant to the wine industry. I do encourage people to view and use it, as the more people that do, the more value it has. "

Chris Yorke, Global Marketing Director, New Zealand Winegrowers

"Organizing events is crucial in our industry and nothing is more frustrating when events clash – the new trade diary will help avoid it. We have all our events on it and I encourage all wine professionals to keep it up-to-date."

NZ Winegrowers

"We will definitely continue to use it (trade diary) – really helpful for us if everyone uses it and we can avoid clashes! "


"Your site regularly comes up as one of our top referring websites, we find the listing really valuable. "

Wayne Allen, Auckland vineyard owner

"Your site has been fantastic, we have been inundated with applications for our Vineyard/Winery Manager position. We have certainly had a great calibre of people applying and can't lose with the 3 great candidates we now have."

Nyetimber Limited, UK

"We have had a very good response to our advert and have a good shortlist of candidates to chose from. Thank you for all your help. "

Wine employer

"Could you take the job off the site please as it is filled? Sadly not from the site. I tapped someone on the shoulder and he has said yes. I did have a number of worthwhile applicants and was pleased with the response. "

Jobseeker looking for European harvest job

"I've used your website to find 3-4 great jobs in the last few years, and its always been hastle free and good. And I'm sure that if there were more jobs from the European job circuit advertised on your website that more Kiwis would go over there and that the NZ wine industry would be all the better for it."

Cellar door position advertiser

"Thank you for the service, it has been successful for us as we have now filled the position."


"I like your website! am searching for permanent employment and go on your website everyday, it's very user friendly and well done!"

MJ Loza, General Manager, Seresin Estate

"The winejobsonline website was easy to use and I was really pleased with the response – a good selection of appropriately qualified and experienced candidates. Clearly, it’s a service known about and used by those with industry experience, and those with a real passion for a wine industry career, which makes for a good pool of talent and minimizes time spent working with ‘tyre-kickers’. "


"We have been very impressed with the quality of vintage applicants we receive from your site from all over the world. With the help of your service we have been able to employ a fantastic vintage crew every year. Thanks. "

Point Bush Estates

"We are at the point now where we have more than enough suitable applicants to choose from and more rolling in. Many thanks for great service."

Fine Wine Delivery Company

"We didn't get a huge response, I think due to the specialist nature of the position, but the important thing was the person we did get was of a very high calibre, so we are very pleased. We will certainly continue to use your services in future. "

Amisfield Wine Company

"We have had heaps of good quality replies - large majority international."

Kristi Koford, Napa Wine Company

"I received many qualified applicants from the ad you posted for me and have filled my quota of interns for this year. Thanks for your help."

Matakana Village

"Just letting you know we have filled the Wine Bar opportunity. We had a number of enquires for the adverts and actually the tenant who took the Wine bar opportunity saw it on your website."

Nobilo Wine Group

"We had a good response - we find your site very successful for recruiting."

Tohu Vineyards Ltd

"Had a great result from your site, and will be interviewing applicants next week. Nga Mihi Nui. "

Waiata Vineyard, Waipara

"It’s been really easy and quick (and affordable) to work with you guys, so we will absolutely use your expertise in the future. "

Jo Hooker

"Your website has been an invaluable resource and tool. It has a great following by all those involved in the industry and I truly believe it is ‘the’ NZ wine job website for advertising employment opportunities."

Wishart Estate

"Can you please take the Wishart ad for winemaker off the website? We’ve had a good flow of responses and no trouble picking a suitable candidate."

Chalk Hill Estate, USA

"I'm so glad I found you guys - we got so many qualified applicants! We will definately use you again next year! "

Winequip Products, Australia

"The ad was quite successful, I had the role on both Seek and with yourselves, of the candidates interviewed 7 of 9 were from your site, which says something about its effectiveness. "

Peregrine Wines

"We’ve had a great response of very qualified applicants so thanks for your help. "

South Pacific Cellars

"We had a HUGE response from our ad on the website and will definitely support you next year again. "

Marlborough Vintners

"The ad with your site has worked a treat thanks! Excellent response."

Giesen Wine Estate

"We've had an excellent response and have all but employed everyone we need. Thanks for your help. "

Grove Mill Winery

"We have been overrun with applications through our advert on winejobsonline – thank you. Some very good people too – so we now have a full vintage crew for 2006. We will definitely be using the site again next year, or if we have mid-year vacancies. "

Clearview Estate

"Your job web site is very good - I've referred a lot of vintage winemakers to it and they find it really useful. It’s very unique for NZ and really useful – good work! "

Stonyridge Vineyard

"We have filled the vineyard foreman position that we were advertising on your site, thanks for the great work. We look forward to using your service again when the need arises. "

Waiata Vineyards, Waipara

"We are very happy with the result we got from this ad so we're looking forward to working with you in the future! "

Arun Saibaba

"I have made extensive use of your website for my job search. Thank you for the marvellous job the 2 of you have done by setting up the website. "

Sebastian Gerecke

"Thank you very much for the information. I have a already job. Will try next year again. "

Christine Walls

"I think your site is very informative for those in the industry or interested in it. The website is easy to use. Keep up the informative work."

Mitchell Howard

"The website works as everyone I've spoken to has referred me back to winejobsonline.com. "

Cellier le Brun

"Had a great response from the ad thanks. I have filled all the positions. "


"winejobsonline.com is proving to be a very popular site for job seekers - I have received 10+ CV’s already! "

Ruben Rosas

"Thank you very much - I have located a job already. The winejobs site was a big help. Thanks a bunch."

Dominic Burke

"Your web site is very informative and streamlined, regarding the New Zealand wine industry, and applicable job opportunities. Thanks again."

Anton Castellà

"I've already found a vintage position in Marlborough so you can take my details off. I think your web is very useful. Thank you very much. "

Red Consulting Group

"We have had success thanks very much to your website. I now know my first port of call for the next Sales & Marketing wine industry role! Thank you very much for your excellent service. "

Vavasour Wines

" The site worked really well. So thanks, great and easy way of finding people. "

Stevie Bryson

"More than happy to always recommend your service to others. Thanks very much. Hope you have continued good luck."

Odette Brown

"I found this website an invaluable tool both in getting my details out to the industry and being aware of what was on offer. I now have a permanent job on Waiheke Island. "

Quentin Bruyere

"Thanks to you for being interested in "job seekers". Thank you for your website, it helps me a lot. "

Chard Farm

"We got a good reply from your web site, quite pleased."

Department of Labour

"I chose winejobsonline because the wine industry is a key employment market for working holiday makers that come into New Zealand and Immigration NZ needed to let employers and workers know of the new online application service and the changes that were taking place from an immigration perspective. I t was also important for us to outline the impact of the new service to employers so they could know what to look out for when employing a worker on an electronic visa. I knew winejobsonline could get straight to the employers who need this information because they are a specialist wine jobs and employment service for the whole industry. Working with winejobsonline to distribute our message has been a smooth and effective process. They have been incredibly helpful and proactive in getting the message to as many relevant groups as possible - and continue to be as I send further updates."

Richard, Wellington, NZ

"I'd only just really started doing my Certificate in Vineyard practice by correspondence, so I put my details on the website and was contacted within about 3 weeks for an interview, it was awsome, and I start next week."

The Crossings

"Just wanted to let you to know that the advert looks fantastic! Thank you for your hard work and great service. We have already had 4 replies. "

Robyn Dixon

"I have just been offered a job! Thankyou for running the ad for me, it was a great help. Fantastic website. Keep up the good work."

Karen Dahlbokum

"Thanks to your service of putting my details on your homepage I found a fun grape-picking job last season in Martinborough. As I'm not originally from the wine industry I won't need your information any more as this was just a holiday job for me. Thank you very much again for your help !! Lots of success for you in the future. And by the way: I know that my fellow French grape pickers found the job through your website as well. So you've done even more people good !! "

Ray - USA

"We had a great response to the advertisement (thanks to you) and plan to place an ad again next year. "


"There are some really great opportunities on the website which has already led me to one job interview and a couple of phone calls about others. "


"I think this service is fantastic. "

Southcorp Wines

"Several and great quality applicants from our (3) ads. We will continue to use you in the future. "

CardMember Wines

"We are certainly thrilled with the employee we sourced through you. She is doing a fabulous job and we are most impressed with her. "

Mt Riley Wines

"I have found really that the quality of the people responding has been superior to those coming thru from the other ad. I guess only people with a genuine interest in the industry really go to this site, and also I have just come back from a few days away down country at a trade fair and I am surprised at the amount of people talking about the website. "

Stephanie Lambert

"I have got a vintage job in Marlborough lined up, still looking for that permanent job. Your NZ wine jobs on line is a super service "

Marlborough Valley Cellars

"Thank you for having our ad up and running on the website so quickly, it has proven to be a valuable emplyment seeking tool. So valuable in fact that we have filled two of the three roles already. "

Fine Wine Delivery Company

"'thank you for your professional service. We had several very good applicants and will certainly use your site to advertise future positions in our company.'"


"We have had heaps of good quality replies - large majority international"

Grove Mill

"Again, we had an excellent response."

Another Winery Employee

"At this stage we have employed 10 people of which 7 are as a consequence of your web site."

Jeremy Marks

"Thank you for the wonderful advice. I will definitely follow up and let you know how I go later this year."

Winery Employee

"I like the new look. The resource page is great."

A Winemaker

"You wouldn't believe it. I had a phone call from Canada regarding the ad within 30 mins of your email. .... And yet another one has just arrived .........your web site really works!. "

Allan Scott Wines

"Your site has again proven to have been very successful. We found the right person to fulfil our requirements, he was the first applicant!"

Julie Green

"Really good site - very user friendly and easy to search - a "breath of fresh air" to use. Gets you the info without making it too hard to find. Keep up the good work."

Babich Wines

"We have had a great response to the ad."

Vigneron Consulting

"The response has been fantastic and we are very confident that we have the person we require amongst them. Will you please therefore, cancel the advertisement as from today and we will certainly use your excellent service should we be looking for employees in the future."

Kim Crawford Wines

"We have had a huge response and have managed to fill all our harvest positions. Thank you, your website has been a huge success for us."

Edita Vihanova

"Thank you very much for your help to find me a place in New Zealand. I love this country and thanks to your website I found a permanent job in Central Otago, the place close to my heart."

Indevin, Marlborough

"We have been very impressed with the quality of vintage applicants we receive from your site from all over the world. With the help of your service we have been able to employ a fantastic vintage crew every year. Thanks."

Marlborough Vintners (2007)

"Delighted to say we've filled our requirements for another vintage thanks to you guys."

Kirsten Creasy, Lincoln University

"winejobsonline has made a big difference to accessing vacancies in the wine industry. I put up the position vacancies on our student winery noticeboard and the students can look at just one source to find a job, rather than trawling through the newspaper or the internet. On our trip north, we finished up a long day of concentrating on wines and vineyards with a beer tasting at Hallertau, sponsored by winejobsonline. The staff and students really appreciated it!"

Matariki Wines

"I just wanted to let you know that we have filled the cellarhand position that we advertised online with you. The applicant is locally from Hastings and applied for the job via the ad so it was a success! I have to say though that the number of overseas applicants is amazing so your website is certainly reaching a lot of countries!"

Nobilo Wine Group

"We had a good response - we find your site very successful for recruiting."

Ricardo Turata

"Things are wonderful. Found a job in Northland and now I'm moving to the South to Marlborough. Thanks for help! Your work is really precious"

Fabio Longhi

"Your site has been really useful for me. Last October from 9 wineries in New Zealand I recieved 8 job offers."

Matthew Stafford (Air New Zealand Inspiring New Zealanders wine scholarship recipient, 2006)

"Keep up the great work with the website. I know it gets a lot of traffic from people trying to keep abreast of movements and potential vacancies in the industry."

Fanselow Bell Consulting

"Thank you so much for your assistance with the advertising of the Moet Hennessy roles. You were extremely good to deal with and I will certainly use you in the future and recommend you to others."

CJ Pask Winery

"We got a successful candidate from the job we placed with you a few weeks ago, so thanks for that. Well done winejobsonline.com."

Anonymous Jobseeker

"Thanks for providing the industry with such a fantastic website! I look at it every second day. I often show people your website because it is so well run and it's industry specific."

Simon Swa

"Thought I'd let you know that I've been offered the Export Sales & Marketing Director job at Sacred Hill Wines which I have gladly accepted. Many, many thanks for letting me know about this job in the first place."

Rena Mehrtens-Borell

"I have full-time employment as a direct result of my advertisement! Many thanks."

Clive Dougall, Winemaker, Seresin Estate

"We have appointed a great candidate who saw the ad on your site. Once again I am extremely happy with the response we got from the ad on your site, the level of candidates was high and from a varied mix of countries. www.winejobsonline.com is the ONLY place that I like to advertise, and the level of service you offer is exemplary."


"It is a fantastic site for job hunting etc."

Equality Wines, Chile

"We have successfully appointed an advert from one of the many applicants for the post that we received from our advert on your site. We only used your site and we were amazed with the response we got from it. Very impressive indeed and we will certainly use your site again should we need a winemaker in the future."

Ben - employee

"Thanks heaps for the advice on Kiwisaver. It was a great help. Keep up the good work. Cheers"

Stuart Laing

"I have a job in NZ for the '08 harvest. Thank you for the ease of use of your site and hopefully a wonderful experience in NZ! I'm super excited to see New Zealand and experience a harvest in Marlborough!"

NZ National Wine Distributor

"You certainly have created a very successful operation and are to be congratulated on that."

Andrea Miotto

"I am happy to tell you that I have found a vintage position, I personally have to thank you for the great job done by your winejobsonline.com, it really works very well and I have been contacted by many many wineries looking for workers. I really think that your site is a great idea and it's the best way to find easily a job in the NZ wine industry."

Mark (USA)

"Thank you for your help. I had a couple of excellent job offers because of the ad in winejobsonline. You can pull the ad now. I look forward to my adventure in NZ."

Highfield Estate

" I have made an appointment to this position. Many thanks, we had lots of good applicants."

NZ National Wine Distributor

"You certainly have created a very successful operation and are to be congratulated on that."


"Things are good, I just got a job on Waiheke Island thank you for all your help. It was your add that they contacted me with, I had sent out many emails to wineries but very few replied. I will recommend your site to my peers."


"I view job listings on winejobsonline.com daily - It's an awesome site which I have given to a few people.."

Winery Owner

"We recommend you a LOT. It is a great site and really useful."

Matthias Friedel

"Thanks a lot, placing the ad worked great and we got a lot of great contacts. We finally decided for one offer, so you can take the ad off now."

Megan, Villa Maria

"Thankyou for your fantastic service. We had loads of response for the last position I advertised, and always keep an eye on your site. The email updates are also fantastic."

Allan Scott Wines

"Had fantastic results with adverts can we please close them off as all positions now filled. Thanks"

Winery employee

"You are already the number 1 website – congratulations!! It is now so well known that everyone in the industry knows about it and anybody in the world wanting a wine job in NZ goes to your site."

Hugh Hope

"In the end I got four offers. I have now accepted a job offer (with Nobilos Hawkes Bay) thanks for your help, the service was excellent."

Delegat's Wine Estate

"I’m very happy with what we get out of WJOL, it provides a very efficient means to market and it is also a very efficient market, it’s where people look for NZ wine jobs. Other segments of our recruitment aren’t as efficient as this."

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We didn't get a huge response, I think due to the specialist nature of the position, but the important thing was the person we did get was of a very high calibre, so we are very pleased. We will certainly continue to use your services in future.

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