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safety-WIRE™ is a health and safety management system developed specifically for the New Zealand wine industry.

It is effective in helping you and your team to understand how to keep themselves and all workers (your employees and contractors' staff too) safe and well, to help you comply with your legal obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 and its supporting Regulations.

The best way to approach this is to create a system that guides you to first identify and then monitor potential issues. It is not only the systems that are important but also the use and management of those systems that help to keep employees - and in turn businesses - safe and healthy.

The acronym: Wine Industry Responsible Employment, forms the foundation on which safety-WIRE™ has been developed, the aim to help employers do the right thing for their employees as they work within the wine industry.

safety-WIRE™ is individualised for your business and links your company's existing practices together to provide a current, simple to use, step by step framework for you to provide a safe workplace.

It covers 16 key sections, including a policy statement, risk and hazard register (identifies industry-specific hazards to start you off), accident procedures, examples of forms, meetings template, facilities for employee participation, the importance of induction and training, Safe Operating Procedures template, management of contractors and many other specialised components that may be required.

What does safety-WIRE™ include?

Our comprehensive safety-WIRE system is a specifically designed workable health and safety management system for the NZ wine industry. It links your company's existing components together to provide a foundation on which to build. The system is current, re-written for the new Act, simple to use and step by step.

   You will receive:
  • The safety-WIRE™ system
  • 2 comprehensve manuals
  • 1 hour of training (phone or Skype)

     Additional support available:
  • Monthly on-going support
  • Annual site inspection/review