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Administrative Assistant

Company: Kistler Vineyards LLC
Location: California
Type: Permanent
Category: Admin / Office based

Kistler Vineyards is seeking an Administrative Assistant to assist with Customer Service, Office Management, Wholesale and DTC sales.

Kistler Vineyards' Salary, Bonus and Benefits structure is competitive.

Responsibilities include:

Customer service:

  • Answer phones
  • Return VMs
  • Enter requests/orders – Microsoft Access © & KV Online (proprietary system)
  • Revise requests/orders
  • Charge/credit CCs
  • Update Mailing List member contact info
  • Troubleshoot DTC custoomer login trouble
  • Respond to emails
  • Send orders to Aero/Redwood
  • Enter/import shipped orders
  • Track down declined CCs
  • Contact customers about returned orders
  • Split orders over quantity limits
Wholesale Sales:
  • Order entry
  • Allocation updates
  • Invoicing

Direct-To-Consumer Sales:

  • Import new online signups
  • Send offers
  • Import event signups 


  • Manage Winery deliveries
  • Order office/breakroom supplies
  • Ship wine/other items as requested
  • Make sure newly-bottled wines get to the lab for analysis and that the results are scanned
  • Manage digital labels
  • DeVineWare
    • Provide shipment information
    • New product/vintage info
    • Run reports
  • Other duties as appropriate


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Date: 07 Mar

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