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Viticulturist - Okanagan Valley, Canada

Company: Phantom Creek Estates
Location: British Columbia
Type: Permanent
Category: Vineyard / Viticulture

Phantom Creek Estates is located on the Black Sage Bench in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley. Here we farm exceptional wines from some of the region’s historic vineyards, including Phantom Creek and Sundial Vineyards. All our estate vineyards are currently in the transition process to organic and biodynamic certification.

Due to expansion and new vineyard acquisitions, we are currently looking for an experienced and talented Viticulturist to join our team.

This is a technical position, focused on improving the quality of grapes produced in PCE’s estate vineyards, while maximising the efficiency of vineyard operations. The Viticulturist will be the key driver of organic and biodynamic farming at PCE. They will work very closely with the Winemaker, and play a key role in the production of outstanding single vineyard wines. They will work with and support the Vineyard Managers, providing direction for all viticultural activities, including irrigation, nutrient amendments, spray programs, pest and disease management, canopy management, pruning, and organic and biodynamic practices.  

Key responsibilities:

Technical Field Work:

  • Organizing and interpreting all plant and soil nutrient and water status analyses.
  • Scouting for pests and diseases on all properties.
  • Regular and ongoing visual inspection and assessment of all vineyards and blocks.
  • Yield prediction.
  • Other plant measurements and record keeping, such as pruning weights, canopy area assessments, bunch and berry data, etc.
  • Managing all viticulture trials.

Organics and Biodynamics:

  • Working with certification bodies to ensure all requirements for both organic and biodynamic certification are met.
  • Sourcing all materials and consumables required for organic and biodynamic farming, including compost and compost ingredients, manure, fungicides, biodynamic preparations, etc.
  • Assist Vineyard Managers in the practical application of organics and biodynamics.
  • Responsible for all record keeping and paperwork associated with organic and biodynamic farming.

Administrative Tasks:

  • Establishing annual operations and capital purchases budgets.
  • Overseeing all vineyard developments and replanting.
  • Continuing to search for new technologies to improve grape quality and vineyard efficiency.
  • Record keeping and analysis of all technical field data and trials.
  • Record keeping associated with sprays and other vineyard inputs.
  • Record keeping for all harvested grape weights.

Vineyard Work:

  • Leading by example in the vineyard, and assisting as required, including demonstrations, tractor work, organic and biodynamic activities, and supervision of seasonal and local crews.

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Date: 27 Feb

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Could you take the job off the site please as it is filled? Sadly not from the site. I tapped someone on the shoulder and he has said yes. I did have a number of worthwhile applicants and was pleased with the response.

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