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Mobile Services Operator

Company: Bevtech Ltd
Location: England - South West
Type: Permanent
Category: "Other"

BevTech Ltd is currently offering this employment opportunity based in Sussex with operating locations predominantly in the South, South East and South West of England.

This is a unique opportunity to work within a team bringing highly regarded services to the UK wine industry, including mobile bottling which has been running successfully for the last 3 years gaining a strong and growing client base. Services include bottling - still and traditional method, sparkling wines, and will soon be extended to electro dialysis with other services planned.

Role and Responsibilities:

The successful candidate will be required to transport and operate the bottling line and other services throughout the UK.

This will involve:

  • Exhibit the company's values and work ethic in all aspects of their role
  • Maintenance and repair of the equipment, oiling and adjusting as required
  • Assisting in the planning, communicating and coordination of each job, liaising between clients and managers as to production requirements
  • Planning and undertaking the logistical transport of required equipment to each client
  • Setting up, ensuring sanitization and sterilization of key equipment, and the calibration to relevant bottle types, closures and wine styles
  • Communicating with clients to best understand their needs and understanding the specific product and how best to approach processing it
  • Operating the bottling line to optimize packaging rates and ensure quality standards
  • Assisting the client in coordinating resources to enable an efficient and safe process
  • Ensuring all relevant HACCP plans are implemented and maintained throughout the process carrying out critical measurements and calibrations to ensure the highest product and packaging quality is achieved
  • Showing a good ability to troubleshoot on the line and report malfunctions to the appropriate individual
  • Keeping daily records for critical check points
  • Operates and monitors equipment and replenishes materials as needed
  • Has a clean and tidy approach to all aspects of the role
  • Helping out in any way possible to reduce workload pressure on the client and their team
  • Maintaining and creating relationships with clients
  • Maintaining established production and quality levels with the highest sense of urgency

Key points as to the role and candidate:

  • Under supervision and guidance, a Mobile Services Operator will run all mobile services including fillers, labellers, rinsers, filters, cold stabilization and other beverage processing equipment.
  • It is a great opportunity to get to know the people and wines of the UK wine industry, getting to know new areas, visiting many great wine estates and meeting great people
  • BevTech also operates a contract bottling plant for beer, cider and sparkling wine which, from time-to-time, the successful candidate will be required to operate and supervise

Qualifications and Education Requirements:

A winemaking qualification is highly desirable.

Preferred Skills:

  • Previous experience/knowledge of wine production and bottling is essential
  • Technical acumen and problem-solving mentality, crucial
  • The ability to communicate well
  • Self-motivation and the ability to work unsupervised
  • Good time management and organization
  • A driving license valid in the UK
  • The right to work in the UK

Additional Notes:

Full training will be provided with supervision and assistance during the initial period of employment and the operation of all equipment, health and safety, critical control points, sanitization and sterilization, transport (HGV).

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Date: 04 Dec

To find out more about this company, visit the website:

  • For information about the UK wine industry, visit the UK Vineyards Association website:

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