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Vintage Positions 2018

Company: Marlborough Vintners 2011 Ltd
Location: Marlborough
Type: Fixed Term
Category: Harvest / Vintage

Marlborough Vintners is a contract facility servicing some of Marlborough’s top wine labels.

We have positions available for both Cellar Hands and Cellar Supervisors (minimum 3 harvests in a large winery) for the 2018 Vintage at our winery in the heart of Marlborough.

We also seek experienced Laboratory Technicians, preferably with winemaking qualifications.

These are temporary positions for the 2018 Vintage, which is typically from mid-March until mid-May. During the busy period the winery operates 7 days per week, with 2 shifts, each shift is 12 hours.

Marlborough Vintners will assist in accommodation, transport and vintage meals. We will also provide adequate training and supply personal protective equipment - PPE.

If the above sounds like you and you have pride in your work, enthusiasm for quality winemaking and a “can-do” attitude, please contact us by applying below.

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Date: 21 Nov

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Only people eligible to work in this country may apply for this position. Please provide evidence (photocopy) of your work visa or citizenship.

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  • For information about the Marlborough wine region, click here.
  • Jobseekers should be aware that the start and finish dates of harvest work employment may change from those suggested by wineries at the time of your job offer. Vintage dates can not accurately be predicted.

    It is therefore important that you understand that depending on your employment arrangements with the employer there may be a period of time where you have no work or less work than you were expecting, and should have sufficient financial arrangements in place should this occur. Your actual start and finish dates may vary - if you have queries around this, check with your winery employer before booking airline tickets etc.
  • For general information about New Zealand, click here or here for two helpful websites. 

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