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Vintage 2018

Company: Whitehaven Wine Company
Location: Marlborough
Type: Fixed Term
Category: Harvest / Vintage

We are now looking for a number of people to join our winery team over the busy harvest period. 

All successful applicants should have: 

  • A passion for wine
  • Be prepared to work in a ‘hands-on', proactive fashion in a 7500-tonne winery
  • Be hard workers and able to perform physical tasks 
  • Be a strong team player
  • Be a confident, independent worker
  • A sense of humour and willingness to learn

We are looking for applications for the following positions: 

Harvest supervisors

Responsible for ensuring cellar duties are performed correctly and in a timely manner, following and updating winemaking records as well as some cellar tasks. Proven practical experience in a winery, strong communication skills and the ability to work well with others are essential in these roles.

Cellar and Laboratory staff

Some vintage experience is preferable and a keen interest in wine is essential. Please make it clear on your application if you are applying to work in the cellar or laboratory.

Successful applicants would be required to start later in March, typically for a 6-7 week period. Twelve-hour shifts, seven days a week is normal during the peak harvest period, which normally lasts 3-4 weeks.

Please email applications and a current CV listing all relevant experience to email address obtained below.


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Date: 18 Sep

To find out more about this company, visit the website:

Only people eligible to work in this country may apply for this position. Please provide evidence (photocopy) of your work visa or citizenship.

  • For information about working in New Zealand, visit the Immigration Department website:
  • For information about New Zealand's Inland Revenue Department (for tax purposes and getting tax numbers etc), visit
  • For information about the Marlborough wine region, click here.
  • Jobseekers should be aware that the start and finish dates of harvest work employment may change from those suggested by wineries at the time of your job offer. Vintage dates can not accurately be predicted.

    It is therefore important that you understand that depending on your employment arrangements with the employer there may be a period of time where you have no work or less work than you were expecting, and should have sufficient financial arrangements in place should this occur. Your actual start and finish dates may vary - if you have queries around this, check with your winery employer before booking airline tickets etc.
  • For general information about New Zealand, click here or here for two helpful websites. 

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